Building .NET core libraries without Mono

For some time I’ve been developing .NET libraries on Windows and Mac. Although I like my Macbook I have never been completely comfortable on it when a library targeted .NET Framework and I never got Mono working quite as I would like it to in these scenarios.

Happily this has all now changed and it means that not only Mac users but Linux, Docker and various CI users can now build quite happily. As always I am using Paket and all I need to do is

paket add Microsoft.NETFramework.ReferenceAssemblies 

and then make sure Microsoft.NETFramework.ReferenceAssemblies is in the paket.references files where the TFM includes .NETFramework. Full details are on GitHub. For me this will simplify my use of my Macbook and TeamCity and Travis.

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Steve Ellwood

Senior Integrations Officer at Doncaster Council Any views expressed are entirely my own.